OMK Commences Production of New Casing Size

The United Metallurgical Company (OMK) has acquired the capability to make a new size of casing with an OTTM threaded connection (box thread for casing with a buttress thread). Tubulars with an OD of 114 mm and a wall gage of 6.4 mm were manufactured per TU 1321-016-05757848-2005 from in-house hot-rolled stock at the new ERW Shop 1 at OMK’s Vyksa Steel Works (Nizhniy Novgorod Region). Previously, OMK had made larger casing with an OTTM connection: between 146 and 324 mm.

This type of product is required to construct vertical sections of wells at oil, gas, and gas condensate fields.

The first shipment of 860 tons of this pipe was manufactured by OMK for the LUKOIL Oil Company. Specialists working on the shopfloor and with the OMK Engineering and Technology Center set up the threading equipment themselves and developed a control program assuring the quality of the final product.

“The experience gained helps OMK offer its partners, oil and gas leaders, integrated solutions in OCTG threaded tubulars. We have a well-functioning process sequence from rolled goods to final product shipments at OMK’s Vyksa Steel Works site as well as an innovative system of individual joint tracking at all phases of production. Thanks to these, we are able to make product on a compressed schedule meeting strict quality requirements”, noted OMK Energy Business Unit Manager Vadim Sakharniuk.


OMK’s Vyksa facility manufactures electrically resistance-welded tubulars of ODs ranging from 102 to 426 mm and a wall gage of between 5.6 to 12.7 mm with various types of threaded connections per API Spec 5CT or GOST 31446-2017 and similar standards. Casing is required to build oil, gas, and gas condensate wells. They are used to reinforce the well walls to prevent rock from shaking loose into the open well space. Pipe are joined together using threaded connections in pins and couplings to form a sealed column running the entire length of the well.
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