OMK’s Belgorod Facility Delivers First Lot of Pipes to Kursk NPP-2 Ahead of Schedule

The Belgorod Power Engineering Plant (OOO Belenergomash-BZEM, Belgorod, a United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) subsidiary) delivered the first 17 tons of high-pressure lines ahead of schedule for the construction of the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant (Kursk NPP-2) that is being built to replace the existing Kursk NPP power units which are to be decommissioned. Such advance delivery of a number of systems and components will enable the customer, the ASE Engineering Company (the Rosatom Government Corporation engineering arm), to expedite installation work.

The Belenergomash Facility shipped Safety Category 2 pipes for the automatic fire suppression system in Power Unit 1 reactor room. The product was designed and manufactured to the standards and regulations in use in nuclear power engineering and under licenses for nuclear power plant equipment. The lines had been made from stainless steel and delivered both pre-assembled and as individual components.

For this order, Belenergomash will deliver a total of over 1,000 tons of high-quality high-pressure stainless steel lines for the reactor rooms of Power Units 1 and 2 of Kursk NPP-2 by the end of 2024.

“Our facility has the most experience in this country, over 45 years, in making lines for nuclear power plants. A revamping of the pipeline production facilities in 2105 and the commissioning of 45,000 square meters of manufacturing space helped improve manufacturing processes, improve productivity, and reduce manufacturing lead times. The very high standards of quality in all phases of production help us make our product extremely reliable during operation as per the contemporary international safety requirements applicable to nuclear power engineering that our partners have to meet”, commented OOO Belenergomash-BZEM Managing Director Alexander Vashchenko.


Kursk NPP-2 is being constructed as a replacement plant for the power units of the existing Kursk Nuclear Power Plant that are being decommissioned. Power Units 1 and 2 belonging to Generation III+ are pilot projects and are being constructed using a standard optimized and parametrized design and a water-water power (VVER) reactor subject to the requirements of the European operators (EUR). This design was developed building as much as possible on the experience acquired by organizations in the industry when developing the most recent NPP designed based on the VVER technology (Leningrad NPP-2, Novovoronezh NPP-2). Belenergomash was also a supplier for the above NPPs.

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