OMK’s Aid to People During Pandemic Recognized as Best in Russia

The systemic efforts by the United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) to support non-profits and small businesses, to prevent unemployment, and to develop volunteerism at the time of the pandemic have been recognized as the most productive nationally.

OMK won the Corporate Charity Leaders prize. The prize is awarded annually by the country’s largest grant sources, foundations, and companies known as the Donor Forum.

The outcomes of Russian companies’ social responsibility and charity-related activity in 2020 were summarized on December 17. OMK was named first in the category for the best programs to overcome the consequences of COVID-19 in Russia. The Russian Ministry of Economic Development is the principal expert evaluating companies’ systemic CSR efforts as well as the partner for this category. OMK was also assigned an A rating for best practices. In addition to OMK, this category included only 12 other companies that are national leaders of corporate charity.

“The pandemic has made OMK face a number of serious challenges. We were able to meet them largely thanks to well-established relationships with social partners, such as town and region executives, federal charity projects, charitable donors, and residents of the regions that host OMK facilities. We thank the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, the Donor Forum, and the entire professional community for this recognition of our systemic approach and contribution to addressing urgent social issues at the time of the pandemic,” noted OMK Governance Board Chair Natalya Eremina.


Winners of the 2020 competition of corporate social programs under the Corporate Charity Leaders Project

OMK Effort to Support Provinces During Pandemic in 2020

At the beginning of the pandemic, OMK, like other strategic companies, continued operating having taken all possible steps to prevent the spread of infection, to preserve jobs, to safeguard people’s health, and to maintain high morale among its teams. When these urgent measures were complete, OMK began providing aid to towns and regions. In 2020, OMK primarily focused on corporate social responsibility and on strategic programs to develop local communities. It revived the practice of helping people and healthcare institutions and took care of the mental health of monotown residents.

In the current economic circumstances, OMK did not reduce funding to the strategic CSR programs. The focus of OMK-Partnership’s social and charity projects and the Start Your Own Business Program for Social Business Initiatives was shifted towards combating the spread of the corona virus. Social business people and volunteers in the Company's host towns repurposed to manufacture personal protective gear, to deliver food care packages to people in need, and to launch personalized online training courses during lockdown.

OMK took on additional responsibility to support the healthcare system. In the spring of 2020, OMK allocated 150 million rubles as aid to medical institutions and residents in areas that are home to its facilities. Among other things, OMK delivered 55 ventilators and over 1,000,000 pieces of personal protective gear to healthcare facilities. OMK sponsored the remodeling of infectious disease wards at two central district hospitals in the Nizhniy Novgorod Region, the remodeling and upgrades at a district clinic in Chelyabinsk. The Company procured technology and equipment for healthcare facilities in the Belgorod Region and the Central Federal District.

In 2020, the Company provided large-scale humanitarian aid to socially vulnerable populations, engaged with its employees for charitable causes, and supported volunteers. Thus, OMK and the OMK-Uchastiye Charity Foundation partnered with the local executives and the diocese for the #Together national self-help drive and delivered about 4,000 food care packages to orphaned seniors and low-income individuals, families with many children and low-income families in Vyksa and Chusovoy. OMK employees also raised over 1,000,000 rubles to aid those finding themselves in difficulty during lockdown.

OMK provided emotional and psychological care to the residents of monotowns. OMK and the OMK-Uchastiye Foundation arranged for Town of Wonderful People (GUL - also means “hum” in Russian) media broadcasts from Vyksa, Nizhniy Novgorod Region, which was under lockdown at the time. The project was invented as a temporary alternative to the Art-Ovrag Festival that had been happening in Vyksa in early summer for the past 10 years, and had been postponed because of quarantine. In the end, GUL grew into Russia’s only media channel completely built of live broadcasts going out to the entire country. Since the end of April, GUL has been helping a numerous audience survive the lockdown, overcome depression and panic and gain new experiences.

About the Competition

The Leaders of Corporate Charity has been going on for the past 13 years. In 2020, the competition included 61 companies operating in the Russian Federation with 37 of that number being part of the rating. The competition for nominations received 100 applications, a record number. This year, the competition process changed significantly. The traditional rankings (TOP 10) was converted into a rating where companies were assigned categories (А+, А, В+, В, С+, С) rather than placements.

About Start Your Owen Business Program

The United Metallurgical Company has been involved in developing social business initiatives since 2016. The first such Start Your Own Business program was undertaken in Chusovoy (Perm Territory). In 2017, the project made its debut in the Republic of Bashkortostan, and in 2018 in Vyksa (Nizhniy Novgorod Region). Over the years that the program has been ongoing, some 360 jobs have been created in locations that play host to OMK's facilities. Some 168 social business initiatives, including 4 by disabled people, have been implemented. Over a 5-year period, the program’s budget was RUB 36,000,000, including RUB 25,600,000 in grants.

About OMK-Partnership Competition

The United Metallurgical Company has been holding OMK Partnership Competitions since 2015. They are designed to promote cooperation between Government, private businesses, and the public while addressing social issues in the various regions.

In 2020, the competition was traditionally held in areas that are home to OMK facilities, such as Vyksa (Nizhniy Novgorod Region), Almetyevsk (Republic of Tatarstan), Chusovoy (Perm Territory), Township of Novosineglazovo (Chelyabinsk Region), and Moscow (volunteer projects). Implementation grants have been issued to 40 projects from organizations. These have been funded by the the Company to the tune of RUB 250,000 each, while a further 48 projects developed by volunteer individuals have been funded up to RUB 50,000 each.

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