OMK’s Chelyabinsk Facility Delivers Unique Product to Sakhalin Gas Pipeline

In just 4 months this year, the Trubodetal facility (AO Trubodetal, Chelyabinsk, a United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) subsidiary) delivered about 80 tons of pipeline fittings to the onshore section of the Sakhalin-3 pipeline (Kirinskoye Gas Condensate Field).

All these products are designed to operate at pressures of up to 24 MPa (about 237 bar). To be able to withstand these high loads, the pipeline fittings have a wall gage of up to 81 mm. At the same time, each item was subject to stringent requirements with respect to ID geometric precision. This became one of the key requirements from the customer (PAO Gazprom) and devolved from the special design of the Kirinskoye Gas Condensate Field.

To fill the order, Trubodetal used plate and large-diameter pipe made at another OMK facility: Vyksa Steel Works (Nizhniy Novgorod Region).

“The Trubodetal Facility has experience making fittings designed for high pressure. We have made similar product for the South Stream Project which enabled us to start making these pipeline fittings for the new order quickly. Thanks to the collaboration with OMK’s Vyksa facility, we were able complete the order on time while guaranteeing to the customer that our product would be high quality”, noted Trubodetal Managing Director Evgeny Baranov.

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