OMK Delivers Over 12,000 Tons of Steel Plate to Arctic LNG2 Project

The United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) delivered over 12,000 tons of unique steel plate to the Arctic LNG2 project being undertaken by PAO NOVATEK. OMK product will be used to make components of gravity-based structures and superstructure modules for a liquefaction facility in a seismically unstable area on the Gyda Peninsula (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District). Therefore, it meets the most stringent requirements, including those for weldability, low temperature properties, crack resistance, flatness, etc.

The rolled goods from steel C355-6 with a gage of between 8 and 80 mm were manufactured by OMK's facility in Vyksa (AO Vyksa Steel Works, Nizhniy Novgorod Region) per a Russian GOST and International Standard EN 10225.

To be able to participate in the project, engineers with the Vyksa Steel Work Engineering and Technology Center developed a process to make rolled steel with high impact toughness at -40°С. This assured the required properties were demonstrated during third-party weldability testing of rolled steel with a gage of 60 and 80 mm per International Standard EN 10225. OMK’s Vyksa facility became the country's only rolled steel manufacturer that was able to prove its product’s full compliance with requirements in the course of third-party testing.

“We have experience delivering rolled steel to the construction industry. To participate in the Arctic LNG2 project, our engineers developed a new technology to assure rolled steel quality and high performance under the harsh weather conditions as required by the customer. This is unequivocally confirmed by third-party testing of our product by the customer. We will be delivering an additional 8,000 tons of the product to the project before the end of the year”, noted OMK sales organization manager Vadim Sakharniuk.

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