OMK Allocated RUB 1,200,000 for Equipment for Chelyabinsk Clinic

The United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) allocated over RUB 1.2 million for purchases of medical equipment and gear for Clinic No. 5 in the Novosineglazovsky Township (a neighborhood in Chelyabinsk) that is home to an OMK facility (Trubodetal).

Medical personnel will take delivery of two oxygen concentrators, a defibrillator, an ultra-high frequency therapy machine, an ECG machine, a multi-purpose physical therapy machine, a slit lamp with a binocular microscope (an opthalmologic diagnostic tool), and other equipment and medical gear.

"This is the only medical clinic in this Chelyabinsk neighborhood of 15,000 residents that was built back in the times of the Soviet Union using funding from our facility. It provides medical care to many facility employees, that is why it is important for the Company to support our clinic, its doctors, especially during these difficult times", noted Trubodetal Managing Director Evgeny Baranov.


The United Metallurgical Company will allocate at least RUB 150 million to support medical facilities and residents in the areas where its plants operate. The principal thrusts include support for healthcare facilities, non-profits, social businesses and volunteers, testing, procurement of food for people finding themselves in difficult circumstances because of the COVID-19 pandemic.