OMK Undertaking Steps to Prevent Infectious Disease Among Employees

The United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) is implementing a number of steps at its facilities to reduce the risk of employee and partner infection with COVID-19 and other diseases. These steps do not affect business processes to any great degree, and the Company is conducting its business as usual.

One of the first such measures is a temporary ban on all domestic and international business travel for all employees. Those returning from a business or private trip from countries where there are instances of coronavirus infection have to work remotely for at least 14 days.

All the common areas at the OMK offices and facilities have been provisioned with antiseptics. Spaces are being disinfected as required by Rospotrebnadzor.

OMK has minimized in-person meetings and discussions, and all the daily matters are being addressed using remote links. Most of the employees normally stationed at the Company headquarters in the Ozerkovskaya Embankment are working remotely. Some were allowed to work remotely back in February for reasons unrelated to the virus; therefore, they are well prepared for this. All the others are attending training seminars and getting help adapting to the new circumstances. Currently, only those employees whose presence is required to support the operation of the building are coming to OMK's Moscow office. They are working under conditions that are compliant with the recommendations of health authorities: being issued face masks, having their temperatures taken, regularly disinfecting buildings.

Areas where OMK facilities are located are doing well for the moment from the coronavirus standpoint; however, it has been decided to minimize the risk for employees and members of their families even now by having them telecommute to work. Some office personnel is already working from their homes, and their numbers will grow. The task of having employees of other types, such as engineers, process engineers, economists, etc. do the same is being addressed in an expedited manner.

Depending on production programs and contractual performance, consideration is being given to suspending the operation of those lines that are not expected to be busy with orders in the near future to keep the people running those lines at home.

Facility gates will be equipped with thermal imagers. Breathalyzers have been temporarily disabled to expedite employees through security checkpoints at rush hour, such as morning and evening shift changes.  Providing all the employees with medical masks is being looked into.

Most of the residents of the towns that play host to OMK facilities are Company employees and members of their families. The Company is assisting the local authorities in taking the required steps to stop the spread of coronavirus. In particular, OMK is purchasing tens of thousands of protective masks both for its employees and for municipal authorities. Currently, an initiative is under consideration whereby a central repository would be created from which masks and antiseptics would be sent to locations where there is a shortage.

The Company is being very serious abouts guiding people towards complying with all the virus-related recommendations from the authorities and the doctors and towards staying at home as much as possible. Employees are updated daily regarding preventive measures and the coronavirus situation.

"Our Company has over 35,000 employees. It is important for us to keep our employees and their family members healthy. That is why we are taking care of our co-workers. It is good news that the areas where our plants are located are doing well thanks to efforts by local and medical authorities. We are also doing our best to keep it that way. The measures that have been taken have had no significant impact on our business processes. We are monitoring the current situation very carefully and will be rolling any changes into our activities as they occur and as required. A highly sophisticated IT infrastructure and state-of-the-art communication tools enable us to perform our undertakings and contracts with customers remaining your reliable partner", noted OMK Governance Board Chair Natalya Eremina.