Metalloinvest and OMK Continue Collaboration to Grow Wheel Billet Capacity

Metalloinvest and the United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) had a discussion of improving the steelmaking technology to make concast billets and of improving billet quality at the 10-th meeting of the Coordination Committee at the Ural Steel mill (a Metalloinvest facility).

In particular, representatives of both the companies at the meeting discussed the feasibility of having Ural Steel manufacture concast billets from grades of steel subject to new chemical composition requirements. In the future, this will help improve the mechanical properties of the train wheels made at Vyksa Steel Works (VSW, Nizhniy Novgorod Region, an OMK subsidiary) from these concast billets. Metalloinvest also arranged for a visit of Ural Steel where it showcased its accomplishments in improving the molten steel making technology following upgrades to two electric arc furnaces.

"Systematic collaboration between the specialists of our two companies helps resolve any arising issues in real time, improve the quality of the end product and effectively expand the partnership", noted Matalloinvest Parent Company Sales Department Director Igor Sych.

"This is the tenth such meeting with our partners. In addition to addressing everyday matters, we are able to evaluate our partners' manufacturing culture as well as map out steps for further collaboration", related AO VSW Metal Making Technology Division Manager Vyacheslav Kislitsa.


Deliveries of train billets to VSW commenced in 2016, and in early 2017, Metalloinvest and OMK entered into a 10-year contract. Ural Steel has revamped its CCM-1 in its electric arc furnace facility to meet this project's specific requirements. The Vyksa Steel Works wheel rolling facility revamped the preparation area installing new cutting systems. The VSW wheel rolling facility has completely converted to the Ural Steel billet after the open hearth furnace meltshop was decommissioned in early 2018.