Russian Minister of Construction and Public Utilities and Nizhniy Novgorod Governor Give High Grades to OMK's New Industrial and Tourist Park in Vyksa

The United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) presented a design for the Batashev Industrial and Tourist Park to Russian Minister of Construction and Public Utilities Vladimir Yakushev and Nizhniy Novgorod Regional Governor Gleb Nikitin during their visit to the Vyksa Municipal District (Nizhniy Novgorod Region).

The industrial and tourist park that OMK is building will be located at the historical Vyksa Steel Works (AO VSW, an OMK subsidiary) cast iron shop in downtown Vyksa next to the Batashev-Shepelev Estate which is a federally protected historical heritage site.

The future project will become the town's primary public space. It will house a state-of-the art museum complex, an education center for children with a research park, a hotel, areas for outdoor and family recreation, a covered skating rink, workshops for children and grown ups. Another two federal cultural heritage items will be located in the park once it is rebuilt: two hyperboloidal steel structures, a water tower and the roof of the plate rolling mill built to the designs of outstanding Russian engineer Vladimir Shukhov.

"This project is without precedent anywhere in Russia and called upon to become a regional center for preserving the industrial heritage and the basis for a new type of tourism in the region", emphasized local Vyksa Municipal District Chief Executive Officer Vladimir Kochetkov.

"We have already started designing the hotel and the children's center. We have commenced developing a concept for the museum complex itself. Next year, we will start restoring the Vladimir Shukhov items. The Batashev Park is scheduled to open in Vyksa in 2023", related project manager and OMK Corporate Division Manager for Investment Projects and Real Estate Denis Rybak.


The concept for a national industrial progress center and the Batashev industrial and tourist park was developed by OMK in conjunction with the WowHaus architectural studio from Russia. The project received the support of the Vyksa Municipal District executive.

The Vyksa municipal executive presented the city park and the Upper Pond embankment to the Russian Minister of Construction and Public Utilities and the Nizhniy Novgorod Regional Governor during their business trip. The space was landscaped thanks to the town having won a national competition of small towns and historical communities in 2018 as well as a program for building a comfortable urban environment.

When completing the competition application, use was made of templates developed for the Art-Ovrag urban culture festival held by OMK and the OMK Uchastiye Foundation with the support of the Vyksa Executive.