OMK Improves Customer Relations Management

The United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) has implemented a new Creatio customer relations management system. The CRM system has enabled the automation of most of the processes related to the sale of OMK product. The system is fully integrated with ERP, email, phone communications, and includes a mobile app and more.

"The new CRM system will make our customer interactions more transparent and efficient. Our response time for market requests will improve, as will customer service. All of this will help meet the demand for tubulars from domestic energy, transportation, and construction companies as well as international partners in the best possible manner", commented OMK Sales Department Manager Vadim Sakharniuk speaking about the new CRM implementation.

"When implemented, the upgraded customer relations management system will help OMK provide better service to its partners and elevate communication with such partners to a new level", noted Terrasoft Managing Director Alexey Klochkov.

"The functionality of the new CRM system will enable the OMK team to respond to customer requests faster and better and provide a detailed insight into the performance of the Company's business departments", says Norbit General Manager Anton Chernokhin.


The new OMK CRM system is implemented using the Creatio platform from Terrasoft. Consulting services for the transition to the new system were provided by Norbit from Russia which is part of the Lanit Group.