OMK's Innovative Product Given High Grades by Russian Energy Leaders

Photo: Chair of OMK Board of Directors Anatoly Sedykh and USVP Business Development Director Evgeny Sheremet showing an underwater ball valve off to PAO Gazprom Board Chair Victor Zubkov and Deputy Board Chair Vitaly Markelov.

Some 10 promising product prototypes were presented by the United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) at the show at the 9-th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum (October 1 through 4, 2019). Today, latest developments by OMK and the OMK/Gazprom Group Joint Venture were presented to the top managers of Russia's energy industry.

The Company booth in the area dedicated to import substitution in the gas sector showing unique products from the Ural Special Valve Plant (OOO USVP, Chelyabinsk, an AO OMK/Gazprom Group joint venture) received a visit from PAO Gazprom Board Chair Victor Zubkov, Deputy Board Chair Vitaly Markelov, the Group's Director of Corporate Advanced Technology Department Pavel Krylov and Chair of the AO OMK Board of Directors Anatoly Sedykh.

Three ball valves replacing imports are designed to be used in the process equipment of off-shore production facilities and their on-shore infrastructure. These include, in particular, an API 6Dss 350-50 underwater ball valve, a prototype 300-420 high-pressure ball valve that is going to the test range for testing after the forum, and a 100-150 pig pass-through ball valve designed as a trap for cleaning and diagnostic devices in production lines.

Managers from the PAO Gazprom corporate long-term development department also visited the United Metallurgical Company booth showcasing specimens of bimetallic pipe with an OD of 813 mm for the oil and gas sector and electrically welded casing with an OD of 426 mm, an 11-mm wall, and a Buttress-threaded connection by Vyksa Steel Works (AO VSW, an OMK subsidiary). This product was developed by OMK against future Gazprom requirements as part of a joint research and development collaboration effort.

In addition, the show presented a future prototype automatic manufacturing process troubleshooting system which is an intelligent system that uses machine learning. This a joint development by the Specialized Research and Development Institute for Instrumentation Design (AO SNIIP of Moscow is a leader among Rosatom entities in the field of nuclear instrumentation design) and AO Trubodetal for a next-generation city entry station being manufactured by the facility. The system is a collection of vibration accelerometers connected into a single data network. The data generated by the system helps diagnose water hammer (and water hammer location) inside a gas pipeline, gas leaks, foreign objects in the line, and the condition of the shut-off valves. The systems learns continuously by analyzing its data and keeps adding new events to its database. Going forward, it can be given even greater functionality by creating a math model of the city entry station. This will help predict the station's condition as well as the need for preventive maintenance.


Implementing a large-scale investment program, Vyksa Steel Works completed the construction of a casing finishing facility in 2018 for ODs between 139.7 and 426.0 mm for the oil and gas sector. This facility with a capacity of 120,000 tons of pipe enabled OMK to expand its product line to meet its Russian customers' future requirements. The finishing facility is also designed to make premium and semi-premium connections that are ever more in demand because of more complex production environments.
Following the commissioning of the first phase of manufacturing in 2019, the Ural Special Valve Plant manufactures special-purpose ball valves with a local content of some 70%/ Once the second phase of the facility is commissioned later this year and in early 2020, these unique products will be fully localized.