Trubodetal Delivers Thermal Casings to Major Oil Field in Russia

The Payakh Oil Field (Krasnoyarsk Territory) has begum using thermal casings made by the Trubodetal Facility to produce oil from permafrost.

Trubodetal has been making thermal casings since 2018, and they are in high demand at Russian oil fields. They are thermally insulated casings that protect drilling rig foundations from crumbling or sagging as permafrost thaws.

“At this time, Trubodetal is the only supplier of thermal casing to the Payakh Field. The facility was ale to offer thermal casing of a length appropriate to this terrain given that in this field, oil deposits are found at a very great depth”, related thermal casing designer and Trubodetal engineer Yuri Guzenko.

“Thermal casing is one of the more promising businesses for the Trubodetal Facility. Together with the Krasnoyarskgazprom neftegazproiekt Design Organization we are advancing the design of this product to implement each and every customer requirement and operating condition”, emphasized Trubodetal Managing Director Evgeny Baranov.


 In the Extreme North, wells are drilled through permafrost. Casing in a string is used to reinforce the wellhead. This is sunk to a depth of between 20 and 50 meters, and the annular space is then concreted over. However, as the well is drilled further and operated, the perennial permafrost around the well starts to thaw causing the ground to slip and sag and funnels to form. This, in turn, causes equipment to break down threatening an environmental disaster. As a result, the oil industry started using a special device known as a thermal casing. Thermal casing is designed as two steel pipes, one larger and the other smaller, using the “pipe in pipe” technology with the smaller pipe being sealed in the larger one with polyurethane foam which helps maintain the area around a well that is being drilled at a uniformly low temperature.

The Payakh Oil Field cluster is classified as unique (supergiant). The cluster is located in the Taymyr Peninsula north of the Polar Circle and 140 km north of the town of Dudinka. An expert assessment by the Government Committee on Reserves confirmed oil reserves equaling 1.2 billion tons. Industrial-scale drilling in the Payakh Oil Field commenced on June 14, 2019.