USVP Commences Regular Production of Special Ball Valves

The Urals Special Valve Plant (OOO USVP, Chelyabinsk, a joint venture of AO OMK and
the Gazprom Group) has commenced regular production of special ball valves that will
enable domestically to manufacture advanced pipeline valves that are currently being

Ball valves for corrosive environments with high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide,
methanol, and others are designed to be used in process equipment at natural gas
production, processing, storage, and transportation facilities. 

Special ball valves are made to special requirements and use corrosion-resistant
materials, such as nickel alloys, molybdenum, etc. USVP custom-designs and
manufactures its products to customer requirements and undertakes a broad range of
R&D activities to acquire manufacturing capabilities. USVP product targets primarily
producers and processors belonging to PAO Gazprom, in particular those operating the
Astrakhan gas condensate and the Orenburg oil and condensate fields as well as others.

“At this time, there is no other valving manufacturer that has better process equipment.
The acquisition of capabilities to produce ball valves for corrosive environments is yet
another step to making this high-tech product domestically. In the near future, our ball
valve manufacturing facility is also planning to learn to apply high-velocity spray coatings
for wear resistance, to test under cryogenic temperatures, and to machine spherical
ball/saddle closures”, commented USVP Chief Engineering Andrey Dotsenko at the start
of production.


Based on information from PAO Gazprom, Russia did not have manufacturers capable of
making special ball valves from scratch, in particular, ball valves for sour service, since
this product mostly came in as imports or component kits for subsequent assembly.
Therefore, a decision was made to establish an integrated high-tech manufacturing facility
to produce advanced pipe valving solutions in Chelyabinsk to be co-located with the
Trubodetal facility site (AO Trubodetal, an OMK subsidiary) and to serve the needs of a
long-term contract between USVP and the Gazprom Group.  
When operational, the facility will help install advanced domestic products at gas fields,
including those off shore, that have elevated concentrations of aggressive components.
USVP will enable the industry to make better use of domestic components in gas
transportation, including compressor stations with enhanced reliability and pressure
requirements, and processing, including LNG projects and gas processing plants. 
The total amount of capital investment into the facility already stands at 3,000,000,000
rubles. The Industry Development Foundation supported the project and extended a loan
of 300,000,000 rubles to the new facility in 2016 under the Development Projects
Program. USVP is also undertaking a second investment project in conjunction with the
Industry Development Foundation to acquire the capability for cryogenic and off-shore
valves to localize complex products to substitute for imports.