OMK Sponsors Performer Tours Around Areas of Operation as Part of Russian Year of Theater

The United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) and the OMK-Uchastiye Charity Foundation have announced the launch of the OMK Theater Seasons program.

Two towns where company facilities operate (Chusovoy in the Perm Territory and Vyksa in the Nizhniy Novgorod Region) will host tours of 15 theaters from the capital and smaller cities between March and November 2019. These tours will be organized by OMK and the OMK-Uchastiye Foundation. Various stages, such as the larger stage of a traditional cultural center, a museum, and a business center will be used to showcase 19 plays and concerts. These performances will target different age groups and include different genres of both major and minor theater formats. Participants include the Teatr Perm Academic Theater, the M. Gorky Nizhniy Novgorod Drama Theater, the P. Chaykovsky Perm Theater of Opera and Ballet, the Moscow Oleg Tabakov Theater, and others.

The OMK Theater Seasons program also includes an educational component for the local cultural communities. During master classes, drama school professors, performers, and musicians will share their professional experiences with managers and troupe members from adult and children's amateur theater associations. Open discussions and networking with the theater troupes will take place after performances.

The OMK Theater Seasons program is being undertaken with the support of the Nizhniy Novgorod Region and the Perm Territory Ministries of Culture. Two thirds of the tickets will be sold through box offices while the money raised will be earmarked to develop theater studios and groups. A third of the tickets will be distributed by the organizers free of charge and will go to families with many children, organizations of disabled persons, and veterans.

Russian Federation Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky addressed a greeting to the program's organizers, participants, and guests. The Minister noted that "holding a creative forum becomes especially important during the Year of the Theater creating a celebration for all theater lovers. Along with its cultural and educational objectives, the project fills an important social function attracting representatives of very different generations and social groups."

"OMK maintains special focus on preserving and restoring cultural heritage sites and regularly organizes tours by theater troupes and musicians. The Company and the Foundation are doing a lot to make items of cultural value accessible to the general public, including disabled persons, in areas where company facilities operate. We tap into theater again in 2019 which Russia has declared to be the Year of the Theater. The OMK Theater Seasons enables Vyksa and Chusovoy residents to become charged with positive spiritual and intellectual energy this year. We are sure that this project will promote further cultural growth in the residents and improve the monotowns' quality of life", commented OMK-Uchastiye General Manager Marina Mikhaylenko.

The first performances under the OMK Theater Seasons program were held last week. Vyksa hosted two: a reverie performance called Saving Valet de Chambre Pushkin from the Nizhniy Novgorod Kammer Junker Theater, and the Dialogs Concert for Grand Piano and Performer featuring Russian Federation Actor Emeritus Daniil Spivakovsky and Pianist Evgeny Borets. In Chusovoy, the Teatr Perm Academic Theater performed Nadezhda Ptushkina's comedy The Tower of Pisa.


Radio-Kultura is acting as general media partner of the theater project from OMK and the OMK-Uchastiye Foundation. On Monday, March 25 and every other Friday thereafter, participants in the theater program will be hosted by radio station program director Ksenia Lamshina and the Cultural Cue show. The general public will get information from the federal station on events in Vyksa and Chusovoy and exclusives hosting theater personalities. The program will air at 6.35 pm Moscow time.