OMK to Spend Over RUB 9,000,000 on Social and Charity Projects in Fifth OMK Partnership Competition

The United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) announces the launch of the fifth anniversary OMK Partnership Competition of Social and Charity Projects. In 2019, the primary thrust will be to develop corporate volunteerism in partnership with the Association of Volunteer Centers.

The amount of money available as grants in 2019 will be 9,150,000 rubles. The competition is open to Company employees, non-profits, central and municipal Government institutions. Applications are being accepted through March 31, 2019.

As is customary, the competition is to be held in OMK’s areas of operations: in Vyksa (Nizhniy Novgorod Region, Vyksa Steel Works being the Company facility in the region), Almetyevsk (Republic of Tatarstan, local Company Facility being the Almetyevsk Pipe Mill), Chusovoy (Perm Territory, local Company facility being the Chusovoy Metallurgical Works), the Novosineglazovsky Township (Chelyabinsk, local Company facility being Trubodetal), and Moscow (volunteer projects).

In Blagoveshchensk (Republic of Bashkortostan, the local OMK facility being the Blagoveshchensk Valve Plant), Company resources will be focused on developing social business initiatives; therefore, the facility will not be participating in the OMK Partnership Competition.

The Company will announce winners of the OMK Partnership competition on April 25, 2019. They will be given grants with which to implement their projects. Organizations may expect to be funded to the tune of up to RUB 250,000 while individual employees will obtain project funding in amounts of up to RUB 50,000. There will still be a special category for municipal agencies and an in-person presentation of volunteer projects.

The primary objective that is being set by the Company for 2019 is to develop volunteer projects designed to have volunteers offer service in hospitals, retirement homes, social institutions, to have them help reduced-mobility seniors in those towns and townships where OMK operates its facilities, to get people in the “silver” age group involved in volunteer activities.

This year, the competition will partner up with the Association of Volunteer Centers. The Association's specialists will conduct training sessions for Company employees explaining to them the fundamentals of volunteer activities, the ways to raise additional funds for their social projects through participation in competitions for grants. According to Association Council Chair and Russian National Civil Chamber Delegate Artem Metelev, it is the Association's objective to make volunteerism the standard for every individual, age, occupation, and interests notwithstanding. Therefore, the Association sees a lot of potential in collaborating with companies that support their employees’ social initiatives internally.

“We would like OMK’s social programs to be included in the country’s development strategy. Support for volunteerism and meaningful projects in the social sphere is on the list of Russia’s 12 national priority projects. We are hoping that our volunteers and non-profits will create partner projects with active social business people in Vyksa and Chusovoy. We will continue to present new opportunities to the beneficiaries, such as grant competitions, options for subsidies, Russian and international volunteer programs”, noted United Metallurgical Company Governance Board Chair Natalya Eremina.

Competition Charter and other important documents:

Online Resources on Volunteerism Fundamentals: обучение.добровольцыроссии.рф

“Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev approved a concept for the National Volunteerism Development Strategy through 2025. The concept includes various volunteer initiatives, such as corporate volunteerism that is part of business social responsibility programs as well as improved methodological, information, advisory, educational, and resource support for activities to attract volunteers. The plan is to develop volunteerism in different professional and social communities, age groups, family formats taking local and regional conditions for volunteer activities into consideration.

In 2019, the Government will allocate 7.4 billion rubles to develop volunteerism in the country, and a total of 27 billion rubles will be allocated over the course of 6 years under a Federal program.

Background on Competition

The United Metallurgical Company has been holding OMK Partnership Competitions since 2015. They are designed to promote cooperation between the Government, private businesses, and the public while addressing social issues in the various regions.

In 2018, forty-seven projects from non-profits, government, and municipal bodies were granted implementation funds from the Company in the amount of RUB 250,000 each, while a further 43 projects developed by individual volunteers will be be funded up to RUB 50,000 each.

Non-profits that won the OMK Partnership Competitions were the beneficiaries of 27,000,000 rubles from a competition for Presidential grants (15,700,000 rubles during Phase 1 and 11,300,000 during Phase 2).

2018 was hailed as the Year of the Volunteer in Russia; therefore, projects from OMK employees were being given special attention. Their initiatives were designed to find jobs for persons with disabilities, to provide social support for low-income individuals and disabled children, to promote a healthy way of life, and to help children and young people make good use of their free time. Last year, volunteer projects were defended in person, and this selection method was proven effective, efficient, and transparent.

In 2018, projects by individual volunteers were recognized with various awards. Thus, volunteers from VSW, OMK, and BAZ were awarded three diplomas by the Champions of Good Deeds competition. In the environmental category, the first prize went to a project called the Heart of the Purest Nature proposed by Blagoveshchensk volunteer Anna Pestova. The second and the third places in the local community category went to Alexandra Averina from Vyksa and her Historical Picnic festival and Anastassia Vlassova from Moscow with her Formula for the Good initiative. All projects were implemented as part of the OMK Partnership Competition for social and charity projects.

In 2018, the competition for grants was recognized with federal and regional awards.

OMK was named third in the Best Grant Competition category for sponsoring the OMK Partnership competition for social and charity projects. The nomination was first instituted by Russia's Presidential Grant Foundation. For the second year in a row, OMK won the award for public transparency of charity for highly effective communications in publicizing its charity and corporate social responsibility activities in the media. Based on 2017 results, OMK also made it into the Top 10 companies in Russia with the best charity practices. The competition is an annual event co-sponsored by the Donor Forum, PwC Russia, and the Vedomosti.

The United Metallurgical Company also became a laureate of the Nizhniy Novgorod Phoenix Award. The award was given in recognition of the OMK Partnership Competition for grants for social and charity projects in Vyksa. Phoenix is the only public recognition award in the region for charity and volunteer accomplishments.

The Trubodetal Facility was named first in the corporate charity leaders competition in the Urals and was further named winner in two categories: for the best program promoting the development of an infrastructure for non-profits, charities, and volunteerism in areas of operations and for best program promoting the development of volunteerism in Russia.

Examples of 2018 OMK Partnership Winner Projects

Non-Profit and Municipal Projects

Museum at Fingertips

(Town of Chusovoy, Perm Territory)

A tactile exhibit for visually impaired at the Chusovoy Local History Museum Municipal Cultural Institution. Visitors were able to listen to some of the exhibits (birds, animals) and touch copies of objects from the museum's collection.

Good Blagoveshchensk Marathon of Active Ideas

(Blagoveshchensk, Republic of Bashkortostan)

It is a series of events in multiple formats (events proper, flash mobs, quests, mass training sessions, concerts, literary soirées, etc.) These were held in Blagoveshchensk throughout the summer. Every participant was issued a “good resident passport” listing his or her accomplishments. Thus, the project helps residents become active creators rather than simple consumers of their environment.

This project’s initiator Anna Seravkina was named winner of Phase I of the presidential grant competition: Summer Outdoor Gym: SportMaster for Children from Families at Risk was funded to the tune of over 280,000 rubles.

Science Week

(Novosineglazovsky Township, Chelyabinsk)

During this Science Week, students from Novosineglazovsky schools were introduced to the fundamentals of robotics, information technology, and programming. They were invited to classes in 3D modeling, scanning, and printing. Two science shows were also held: a cryo show involving liquid nitrogen, and a recreational physics class helping students understand the properties of fire.

The Russian Youth League National Private NGO with another similar project entitled “Replacing Social Technologists to Construct an Inclusive Future” was given a presidential grant in the amount of over 750,000 rubles.

Dad School

(Vyksa, Nizhniy Novgorod Region)

Project Objectives: optimize the system to prevent family problems, strengthen the family institution by expanding Vyksa's parent association and young family access to instructional resources and social technologies in the fatherhood category. The project included educational, social, and instructional events: lectures, training sessions, master classes, a competition, and family celebrations. The LADA Family Center NGO from the Nizhniy Novgorod Region was named winner of Phase 1 of the competition for presidential grants (Twin Clubs project) and was funded to the tune of over 2,800,000 rubles.

Active Longevity

(Almetyevsk, Republic of Tatarstan)

Leisure activities for senior citizens: bicycle trips in the summer, Nordic walking in winter. The Almetyevsk Veterans’ Council offered bicycles and walking poles to all takers free of charge. Over 1,000 retirees from Almetyevsk took advantage of the offer between May and September.

Example Volunteer Projects

Heart of Purest Nature

(Anna Pestova, Blagoveshchensk, Republic of Bashkortostan)

The objective of Anna Pestova's project is to assist the Good Deed Homeless Animal Foundation equip an inexpensive vet clinic. Currently, the Foundation is engaged in providing treatment to gravely ill animals, in caring for, vaccinating, and sterilizing homeless animals as well as pets whose owners cannot afford to take them to an expensive clinic. The Foundation engages with children and teenagers as well as adult volunteers. The project has been recognized with first place in the environmental category of the Champions of Good Deeds competition.

Other Side of Camera

(Vita Meledina, Town of Chusovoy, Perm Territory)

Arrange for and hold journalism master classes for secondary school students using experienced printed media and TV professionals. In conjunction with project participants, create a series of full-fledged news programs, social videos, regional station and social media broadcasts.

Dancing Picnic Historical Festival

(Alexandra Averina, Vyksa, Nizhniy Novgorod Region)

Organize a Dancing Picnic 2018 Open Historical Festival in the town of Vyksa. Second prize in the category for local communities in the Champions of Good Deeds Competitions.

Formula for Good

(Anastassia Vlassova, Moscow)

Assist lonely, low-income seniors and veterans in the Sokol neighborhood. Third prize in the category for local communities in the Champions of Good Deeds Competitions, MIR Prize finalist.

Healthy Way of Life: A Personal Accomplishment

(Olga Khotnianskaya, Novosineglazovsky Township, Chelyabinsk)

Mount an eight-week volunteer project using fitness and health food training sessions to help colleagues lose almost 10 kg. The project was supported by some 50 people. Olga was awarded a certificate for third place in the MIR Prize.

Senior Internet

(Sergey Dmitriev, Almetyevsk, Republic of Tatarstan)

The project is designed to train seniors in personal security online and while using other communications equipment.

There is also a senior hotline via which volunteers can give advice at any time regarding what to do in different situations.

Background on Association of Volunteer Centers

The Association of Volunteer Centers (AVC) was established in 2014 at the request of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Its mission is to create the pre-conditions and an infrastructure to develop a volunteer movement effectively, to build a volunteer culture as a natural standard in the life of every Russian. At this time, AVC includes 142 organizations bringing together 2,000 volunteer movements throughout the nation.

The Association of Volunteer Centers undertakes nine federal programs of its own in all categories: You Decide!, Young at Heart, World's Volunteers, AVC Academy, Trust at Play, Russia’s Volunteers Competition; some of the programs are part of the Culture Volunteers accelerator program designed to disseminate best social practices.

AVC flagship project is the добровольцыроссии.рф portal created to engage all Russians in volunteer activities. The portal is a repository of volunteer news, current events, and opportunities as well as non-profits with a need for volunteers.

Contact: Gulnara Paunezheva, +7 (915) 303 9595,