OMK Recognized with European Institute for Purchasing Management Award

In the photo from left to right: Christian Kaemmerlen, Project Manager at EIPM; Dominique Etourneau, CPO at Aéroports de Paris, Heinrich Berger, VP Global Raw Material Procurement at ICL, Claudia Viohl, CPO at E.ON, Dominique Lebigot, CPO at LVMH Wines & Spirits, Elvire Regnier Lussier, CPO/Tranformation Leader at Groupe Avril, Alexander Sidorin, CPO at OMK and Bernard Gracia, EIPM Dean & Director.

The United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) has been recognized with the Peter Kraljic Award from the European Institute for Purchasing Management (EIPM Peter Kraljic Award, France) for accomplishments in purchasing activity management and practices.

The award was presented to OMK in the Integrative Supply and Purchasing Management category. Based on an EIPM audit, the OMK procurement system has reached a high level of maturity in Category Management, Supplier Relationship Management and Project and Risk management in construction projects and complex materiel procurement.

The award ceremony was held at EIPM's 23d Annual Purchasing Conference hosted in Archamps, France. The award was presented to OMK Procurement Director Alexander Sidorin by EIPM Director Bernard Gracia, Aéroports de Paris Purchasing Director Dominique Etourneau and Director at the European Foundation for Quality Management James Letche.

“The Company does business on the basis of long-term relationships with companies in the energy, transportation, metal making, engineering, construction sectors, and many other industries. Also, by developing a sustainable procurement system, OMK helps our contractors and suppliers grow their socially responsible businesses. An international award in this area is yet another testament to OMK's professionalism and continuous improvement of partner relationships”, commented OMK Chief Commercial Officer Eduard Stepantsov speaking about the award.


The European Institute for Purchasing Management is an international expert and educational institution.

The prestigious Peter Kraljic award is given to leading companies from all over the world for practical excellence and continuous drive to improve purchasing procedures. Winners are selected by a panel of judges from among industry leaders and procurement specialists. Companies are evaluated using the EIPM maturity assessment tool while finalists are identified in the course of a site audit.

Alongside OMK, this year's Peter Kraljic Award went to German energy giant E.ON, French Agricultural Group Avril, Israeli chemical manufacturer ICL, and French transnational LVMH. Previously, Arcelormittal, Kone, Toyota, SAP, ABB, BOSCH,  Ericsson, SKF Group, Henkel, and other business leaders had been similarly honored.