OMK Wins 2018 Moscow Volunteer of the Year Award

The United Metallurgical Company's (AO OMK, Moscow) accomplishments in developing corporate volunteerism were recognized with the first place in the annual 2018 Moscow Volunteer of the Year competition in the category for the best corporate volunteer project.

The award was presented to OMK Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility Function Olga Mironova at the 2018 Creative Forum. The competition's panel of experts noted the company's contribution to volunteerism over the period of time that the OMK Partnership Competition for social and charity projects has been ongoing.

“Over the four years, that the competition has been ongoing, we supported 122 projects from volunteer employees, including 10 in Moscow. These are initiatives designed to aid socially vulnerable populations, to address environmental issues, to support museums and libraries and many more things. This year, a project by Moscow volunteer Anastassia Vlassova was recognized with an award for third place in the Champions of Good Deeds, Local Communities category, and became a finalist of the MIR Prize”, noted Olga Mironova.

Moscow Government Deputy Chair of Public Relations and Youth Policy Committee Alissa Kriukova emphasized that “Moscow's volunteers are without a doubt the paragon we should be proud of, talk about, and cite as an example.”


The Creative Forum is an annual year-end event for Moscow's volunteers. The event is organized by the Mosvolunteer Resource Center with the support of the Moscow Committee for Public Relations and Youth Policy. The forum's guests attended discussions, training sessions, and master classes and were able to see the #Ivolunteer movie. 2018 Moscow Volunteer of the Year awards were also presented and Moscow Volunteer Goodwill ambassadors announced at the event.