New Trubodetal Product Recommended for Gazprom Installations

The Progress next-generation modular automated gas distribution system manufactured at the Trubodetal Facility (AO Trubodetal, Chelyabinsk, a United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) subsidiary) has completed testing at the Gazprom test range in Saratov.

The PAO Gazprom certification panel for pipeline valves and gas handling equipment recommended this product for use at Gazprom installations either individually or in conjunction with other equipment. The system may be used as part of a program to be launched in 2019 to upgrade obsolete equipment, to perform capital repairs, and to build new gas distribution systems.

The system includes 5 modular skids equipped with electronics, gas distribution and metering instrumentation, regulator and shutoff valves. It is independently powered and equipped with a turboexpander which is a piece of electrical power generation equipment designed to use the flow of natural gas. This is important for an installation that is located far from major cities and other areas with power transmission lines. The system is scalable by adding new process modules.

The automated gas distribution system was developed by Trubodetal's Engineering and Process Design Center in Ufa while installation and assembly were performed in Chelyabinsk in Modular Workshop 4. Certain functions located in Moscow were also involved in getting this new product to market.

“We have demonstrated the viability of the entire line of product and are prepared to offer the customer integrated solutions out of the box. The outcomes of the testing that our equipment completed in Saratov are applicable to automated gas distribution systems with the capacity to handle between 1,000 and 500,000 cubic meters of gas an hour. To put things in perspective, six systems with capacities of 500,000 cubic meters can supply enough gas to support a city of a million people together with all its industry”, noted Managing Director Dmitri Markov.


An automated gas distribution system is a system that delivers gas from gas mains to communities, industrial facilities and other end users, reduces gas pressure to the required level, filters, dehydrates, heats up the gas, automatically controls the amount of gas supplied, maintains constant gas pressure even despite variable demand, meters the gas supplied, and transmits equipment parameters to a central control room.

The next-generation automated gas distribution system has the advantage of being easy to carry by truck, not requiring an operator to run, and being scalable up or down.

The first pilot skid was presented by Trubodetal at the 7th International Gas Forum in Saint-Petersburg in October 2017.