Trubodetal Facility Commissions New Shot Blasting Installation

The Trubodetal Manufacturing Facility (AO Trubodetal, Chelyabinsk, a United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) subsidiary) commissioned a new shot blasting installation for pipeline fittings. The amount invested was RUB 30,000,000.

The new equipment was installed in the facility’s Heat Press/Welding Shop 1 as part of a project to upgrade the manufacture of stamped/welded pipeline fittings.

The solemn equipment commissioning ceremony was attended by Chelyabinsk Economy Committee Chair Alexander Rudenko, Sovetsky District Acting Chief Executive Elena Astakhova.

The shot blasting installation will be used to clean the outside and the inside of the various fittings from corrosion and scale that are produced by heat treatment. This will help identify possible defects in the early stages of production as well as prepare the surfaces of the fittings for subsequent steps. The facility has shot blasting booths installed in the painting and packaging area where they are used to prepare product for painting. But this is the first time that Heat Press/Welding Shop No. 1 is seeing equipment like this.

“It is very important for a facility to upgrade its production these days. It not only helps it become more competitive but also develops the areas where they operate. The Trubodetal Facility has been consistently pursuing a very smart business policy. And this is of importance both to the economic entity and to Chelyabinsk's economy”, said Andrey Rudenko.

“The new shot blasting installation is a phase in a major project to upgrade the manufacture of stamped/welded fittings. The project has already enabled the facility to improve the quality of its product offering and optimize lead times”, noted Trubodetal Managing Director Dmitri Markov.


The project to upgrade the production of stamped and welded pipeline fittings is under way at the Trubodetal Facility in 2017 through 2019. It includes the purchase of new and upgrades to the existing manufacturing equipment.