OMK Makes First Modular Equipment Sale

The Trubodetal Manufacturing Facility (AO Trubodetal, Chelyabinsk, a United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) Subsidiary) has completed its first sale and delivery of modular equipment to the oil and gas sector. The facility has manufactured and delivered a metering unit for anti-bacterial agents/hydrogen sulfide neutralizer to the Danilovskoye Oil and Gas Condensate Field that is being produced by the Irkutsk Oil Company.

The equipment that has been accepted by the customer provides metered delivery of reagents that neutralize hydrogen sulfide and scrub oil of undesirable admixtures that cause metals to corrode. The module uses 376 separate components, all manufactured by the Trubodetal modular equipment workshop. The assembly itself had been developed at the Facility’s process and product engineering center in Ufa.

"Eastern Siberia is a complicated but promising region with difficult-to-recover hydrocarbon reserves that require pre-treatment. Success in this project confirmed Trubodetal’s abilities in making modular equipment. The facility is ready to offer new field construction solutions”, said AO Trubodetal Managing Director Dmitri Markov commenting on the delivery.


The Danilovskoye Oil and Gas Condensate Field is located in the Katanga District of the Irkutsk Region, in the vicinity of the Nizhniaya Tunguska basin that is 350 km north-east of the town of Ust-Kut (which is a railway station on the Baikal-Amur Railway and a major river port). Geologically, its is part of the Lena-Tunguska Oil and Gas Province. The field was discovered in 1977. The right to operate the reserves is owned by OOO Irkutsk Oil Company which is one of Russia’s largest independent hydrocarbon producers. The company's confirmed reserves are over 160 million tons of oil and 150 billion cubic meters of gas.