Trubodetal Facility Learns to Make New Sizes of Fittings for Nuclear Power Plants

The Trubodetal Facility (AO Trubodetal, Chelyabinsk, a United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) Subsidiary) has delivered stainless steel bends of diameters 377, 426, 530, and 630 mm to new power units being constructed at nuclear power plants in Russia and Belarus.

Bends of diameters 426, 530, and 630 mm were shipped to the construction site of Power Unit 7 at the Novovoronezhskaya Nuclear Power Plant in Novovoronezh. Bends of diameters 377, 426, 530, and 630 mm were also delivered to Power Unit 2 of the Belorussian Nuclear Power Plant. This was the first batch of product the facility shipped. At present, production is ongoing.

Delivery of such components is something that Trubodetal has never done before. Previously, the facility used to manufacture smaller bends (up to 325 mm) for the nuclear power industry.

“Thermal and nuclear power generation is an area that is relatively new for Trubodetal but we have already made serious progress in this area. We are happy to continue developing our competencies and to take on ever more challenging orders reliably delivering high-quality product to customers”, noted facility Managing Director Dmitri Markov.


Trubodetal has been making product for the thermal and the nuclear energy sectors since 2013 after having obtained a license from Gosatomnadzor. In 2014, the facility won a certificate in the competition for Russia’s Top 100 Products in the industrial product category and was also recognized for the Best New Product of the year having submitted to the panel of experts bends for high-pressure steam lines.

The Novovoronezhskaya Nuclear Power Plant is one of the first NPPs in the Soviet Union and globally. The ground for its construction was broken in 1957. It has a total of six power units with reactors of the VVER type. At the present time, obsolete facilities are being shut down while at the same time construction is commencing at the Novovoronezhskaya Nuclear Power Plant 2 where a state-of-the-art VVER-1200 nuclear reactor has already been built and Power Unit 7, identical to Power Unit 6, is under construction. These reactors have improved technical and economic performance, assure absolute operational safety, and are fully compliant with the post-Fukushima requirements levied by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Work is scheduled to be completed in 2018. The nuclear reactors in Power Units 6 and 7 are expected to double the plant’s capacity.

The Belorussian Nuclear Power Plant is being constructed next to the town of Ostrovets, Grodno Region, Republic of Belarus. It will include two VVER-1200-based power units similar to those at the Novovoronezhskaya Nuclear Power Plant and totaling 2,400 MW in capacity. The first unit is scheduled to be commissioned in 2019, and the second one in 2020.