OMK Managers Graduate Special MBA Program

On November 30 and December 1, the MISiS National University of Engineering and Technology hosted graduation thesis presentation under the Industrial Facility Management MBA program developed by the University specifically for the United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) with active involvement from OMK specialists and experts. Graduation projects were presented by 24 line managers from company facilities.

The program objective was to develop the Company employees' skills in efficient production management. The students acquired both a knowledge of theory and were also introduced to management practices at leading Russian and international facilities. A year from now, the program graduates will be presenting the results of their projects as implemented at OMK facilities.

The solemn graduation ceremony was attended by OMK Board of Directors Chair Anatoly Sedykh, Company CEO Vladimir Markin, MISiS Rector Alevtina Chernikova, OMK Chief Personnel Officer Svetlana Nikolashina, OMK Chief Performance Officer Petr Trushin, VSW Managing Director Alexander Barykov (AO VSW, an OMK facility), and others.

"OMK has been collaborating with MISiS for many years already, and we have done many significant projects together. The knowledge imparted by the University is of immediate applicability. I speak from personal experience as a MISiS alumnus. I thank the University Rector and the entire faculty for these many years of partnership, for the quality of their instruction, and the opportunities that the school gives us", noted Anatoly Sedykh while congratulating the graduates.

"This is our second MBA program already. After the first one was completed, we recorded a considerable boost in efficiency and personnel engagement. It is natural that we should expect a similar brilliant result from this Industrial Facility Management Program. The Company's students selected very interesting and relevant subjects for their graduation projects, demonstrated economic thinking, and a skill in analyzing data", emphasized Svetlana Nikolashina.

"The MBA program became the first program of this level. We thank the United Metallurgical Company for the opportunity for the University to move on to the next level of development. OMK is an efficient company and an industry leader. I think that thanks to the knowledge the program graduates acquired, it will improve even further", commented Alevtina Chernikova.


Classes under the program commenced in October 2016. They were attended by employees from Vyksa Steel Works, the Trubodetal Facility, the Blagoveshchensk Valve Plant, and the Chusovoy Metallurgical Works. When selecting students for the program, personal achievements and job successes were taken into consideration.