OMK Delivered Over 12,000 Tons of Pipe to Kazakhstan

The United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) announces the completion of integrated deliveries to the Republic of Kazakhstan of corrosion-coated large-diameter pipe and pipeline connection fittings.

The total amount of product shipped has exceeded 12,000 tons. The country’s largest energy companies AO Kazatransgaz and AO Kaztransoil, belonging to the AO NC KazMunaiGaz Holding Company, were customers for the product.

OMK delivered pipe of diameter 1,220 mm and gage 12 mm to the construction of Kazakhstan’s largest automatic gas distribution station AGRS-300 in the Town of Aktobe. The company also manufactured and shipped pipe of diameter 1,020 mm and gages 12 and 14 mm as well as bends with an exterior corrosion coating for first phase revamping of the strategic trunk pipeline from Uzen to Atyrau to Samara. In addition, OMK signed a contract to deliver pipe products for the second phase of the project.

“Kazakhstan and the whole of Central Asia are an interesting and attractive market for our company given that it is a market implementing ambitious oil and gas projects. I am convinced that the customers will appreciate OMK's key advantages, such as the ability to do integrated deliveries, world-class product, an effective production system with end-to-end quality control, optimized pricing, accurate and fast order fulfillment”, noted OMK’s Chief Commercial Officer Eduard Stepantsov.


Over a 12-year period, the United Metallurgical Company delivered over 323,000 tons of high-quality large-diameter pipes and pipeline connection fittings for AO NC KazMunaiGaz projects in Kazakhstan. OMK product has been used to build the Kazakhstan-China Pipeline, the three lines of the Central Asia-China Gas Pipeline and to perform capital repairs on the TON-2 Oil Pipeline.