Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean

The oil pipeline is constructed by Transneft Joint Stock Company.

It will connect the oil fields in Western and Eastern Siberia with the ports in the Primorye Territory. The planned capacity of the oil pipeline is 80 million tons of oil per year. It is expected to stretch for over 4,000 km. Its end point is the port of Kozmino in Primorye Territory.

OMK role in the project
OMK has supplied more than 230 000 large diameter pipes for the project.

Implementing the project will enable Russian companies to expand exports to high capacity U.S. and Asia markets. Eastern Siberia’s ESTO oil is of a higher quality than the Urals grade, as it is less sulfurous and is lighter than the Western-Siberian one. The launch of the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean pipeline will reduce the expenses for the construction and power supply of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline.