Nord Stream

Nord Stream is a main pipeline connecting Russia and Germany which runs along the bottom of the Baltic Sea. It is the longest offshore gas export route in the world and is one of the most complex pipeline projects ever. It is owned and operated by Nord Stream AG.


OMK role in the project
It was the very first OMK offshore pipeline project. We were the only Russian company to supply pipes for the Nord Stream. In total we have delivered 470 000 pipes, including a consignment of unique pipes with 41 mm wall thickness that can sustaine pressure of 220 atmospheres. For Portovaya compression station we have produced unprecedented pipes (diameter — 813 mm, wall thickness — 39 mm) that can sustaine pressure of 250 atmospheres.

The Nord Stream gas pipeline plays a major role in supplying Russian gas to the European Union countries. It delivers gas to Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, Denmark and other countries. In the conditions of EU’s growing demand in June 2015 a memorandum of intentions which envisages the construction of two more gas pipeline branches was signed.