OMK has implemented and is operating an SAP SRM electronic procurement system for materials and equipment, work, and services. Following enrollment, you will be able to participate in procurement procedures for goods and services as per the policies in effect for this tool.
procurement policies in effect at OMK.
OMK Provisioning Policy for Goods, Work, and Services
in the SAP SRM electronic procurement system to become a potential supplier of goods and services to OMK facilities.

SAP SRM System

For VSW, Trubodetal, ATZ, BAZ, CMW

published information regarding contemplated procurement efforts and surplus sales.
We assure that our processes to supply our facilities with materials and equipment are as transparent as possible. We would like all suppliers to have equal opportunities in participating in our procurement procedures and proceed from the primary principles of procurement: openness, transparency, team work, competitiveness, responsibility.
Alexander Sidorin
Procurement Director


OMK is responsible about matters of compliance with the law and respect for people's rights. We require our employees to do the same. If you know of any facts or have a reasonable suspicion related to:
- theft, fraud, purchasing violations, other illegal activities resulting in losses to AO OMK;
- violations of people's rights, including the right to personal self-respect and courteous treatment, by AO OMK employees performing their job duties,
- corrupt practices,
contact the OMK Hotline:
8 800 555-00-22

AO OMK Internal Control Function, PO Box 42, Moscow.

Any information communicated to the hotline is handled by the AO OMK Internal Control Function that is independent of management. We guarantee the confidentiality of any communications and their impartial verification. Anonymous communications will be given consideration. Communications regarding violations of rights will be forwarded by the Internal Control Function to the AO OMK Ethics Committee.