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We are laying the foundation for people, energy and cargos to move forward. OMK’s products are used in the fuel and energy, transportation, construction, and utility industries. We are Europe’s biggest manufacturer of large diameter pipes, railway wheels, and automobile springs. We also hold a major share in the Russian pipeline fittings and valves markets.

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Large diameter pipes Large diameter pipes Large diameter pipes LSAW pipes, single seam pipes with inner and outer smooth or anti-corrosion coating which are used for constructing main pipelines. Strength class: up to Х80. Diameter: 508 mm - 1420 mm. Wall thickness: 5.6 mm – 48 mm.

Maximum capacity: 2 million tons per year.
Oil and gas pipes and small diameter pipes Oil and gas pipes and small diameter pipes Oil and gas pipes and small diameter pipes LSAW pipes for laying gas, oil, product and water pipelines, heating systems, developing gas and oil fields. Strength class: up to X70. Diameter: 159 mm – 530 mm. Wall thickness: 4 mm – 12.7 mm.

Maximum capacity: 1 million tons per year.
Pipeline fittings Pipeline fittings Pipeline fittings Pipeline nodes, cold and hot manufactured bends, forged welded pipeline parts: bends, tees, switches, plugs. Used for constructing pipelines, distribution and pump stations, etc. Diameter: 57 mm – 1420 mm.

Maximum capacity: up to 30,000 tons per year.
Pipeline valves Pipeline valves Pipeline valves Wedge gate valves, swing check valves, x-trees, stop valves, etc. Used in: oil and gas extraction, processing, thermal and electric energy generating facilities. Diameter: 25 mm – 800 mm.

Maximum capacity: 13,900 tons per year.
Shaped pipes Shaped pipes Shaped pipes Hollow square and rectangular sections. Are used in construction, mechanical engineering, tractor construction, furniture production and other industries. Dimensions: 10х10 – 300х300 mm. Wall thickness: 0.8 mm – 10 mm. Casing pipes Casing pipes Casing pipes Pipes for oil and gas field development and boring wells. Diameter: 140 mm – 245 mm. Wall thickness: 5.2 mm – 11.1 mm.

Maximum capacity: 400,000 tons per year.
Springs Springs Springs Over 400 standard size springs of modern construction. OMK’s springs are used for Russia and foreign made trucks, trailers, busses, trolley-busses and cars.

Maximum capacity: 90,000 tons per year.
Railway wheels Railway wheels Railway wheels Solid-rolled railway wheels (140 standard sizes) for Russian and foreign freight and passenger trains, locomotives, and metro trains. OMK is the country’s only company rolling out railway wheels for fast-speed trains. Diameter: 710 mm – 1098 mm.

Maximum capacity: 850,000 items per year.
Rolled sheets Rolled sheets Rolled sheets Hot-rolled steel coil and sheets for making small, medium and large diameter pipes. Can also be used in ship-building, mechanical engineering and construction, etc. Width: 30 mm – 1800 mm (Casting and Rolling Complex), 1500 mm – 4850 mm (Heavy Plate Mill 5000).

Maximum capacity: 1.2 million tons per year at CRC; 1.2 million tons at HPM 5000.

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