VSW Presents World’s Largest Mural

The United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) announces the creation of the world’s largest mural at Vyksa Steel Works (AO VSW, an OMK subsidiary). The objet d’art was created by Russian street artist Misha Most (Mikhail Chuprov of Moscow) on the front wall of Wide Plate Mill 5000. The area of the mural is 10,800 square meters.

This work is the world’s largest piece of monumental art painted by a single artist. It required over 300 work hours over the course of 45 days and in excess of 5 tons of primer and paint to make. The wall depicts 6 scenes from the life and times of Vyksa Steel Works.
The unveiling ceremony on June 17, 2017 was attended by Nizhniy Novgorod Regional Governor Valeriy Shantsev, OMK Board Chair Anatoly Sedykh, Vyksa’s Chief Executive Officer Vladimir Kochetkov, company executives and employees, festival managers, and residents.

Russian and European Book of Records Editor-in-Chief Alexey Svistunov presented Anatoly Sedykh with certificates recognizing the mural as a Russian and European record and the largest monumental painting.

“Here, we see a very colorful and a very creative blend of industry and art. Wide Plate Mill 5000 is a unique industrial installation that makes wide plate. And today, it is beauty, our applied art. Right now, the facility wall is the largest and the brightest canvas. We are happy that this record was made in the lands that belongs to Nizhniy Novgorod”, said Nizhniy Novgorod Regional Governor Valeriy Shantsev at the unveiling ceremony.

“It is very symbolic that the largest painting was made on the front wall of the most advanced and powerful plate rolling mill in the world. This year the United Metallurgical Company will be celebrating its 25-th anniversary, and Vyksa Steel Works its 260-th. We have young, talented, and, most importantly, forward-looking people working for us. This is what is showing through in our painting. I congratulate the artist, the organizers, the plant and the company team, and all of us with the unveiling of the world’s largest mural”, said OMK Board Chair Anatoly Sedykh in his welcome speech.

“Some 260 sketches from 34 countries were submitted to the international competition for the best concept.  Its outcomes demonstrated that street artists have a lot of potential in this country. This kind of initiative coming from major corporate players helps realize this potential globally”, commented Art-Ovrag Producer and Project Group 8 Managing Partner Yulia Bychkova. 

“I thank the company and VSW for the opportunity and the avantgarde and ingenious idea for the competition. I took this project as a challenge. The scope is the most difficult and the most interesting part. I am very happy that it was in Russia that I was able to paint my idea. Other works on a similar scale exist elsewhere in the world but they are very few. They are either not murals or they were painted by a group of people or digitally printed and are not considered art. And that means that the mural in Vyksa is unique!”, emphasized the mural’s author Misha Most.