OMK earmarks over RUB 9 million for third OMK partnership competition of social and charity projects

The United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) announces the launch of the third OMK Partnership Competition of Social and Charity Projects. It is designed to create opportunity to implement innovative technology for sustainable development in the geographical areas where the company does business. Businesses, the Government, and communities joining forces will help address social issues in small towns.

Projects will be implemented in Vyksa (Nizhniy Novgorod Region), Almetyevsk (Republic of Tatarstan), Blagoveshchensk (Republic of Bashkortostan), Chusovoy (Perm Territory), the Township of Novosineglazovsky (Chelyabinsk Region), and Moscow (volunteer projects). The competition is open to OMK employees, non-profits, central and municipal Government institutions.

An application may be filed before March 31, 2017. Winners will be announced by the Company on April 24. They will be given grants with which to implement their projects. Organizations may expect to be funded to the tune of up to RUB 250,000 while individual employees will obtain project funding in amounts of up to Rub 50,000. The total amount financed this year will be RUB 9.3 million.

One thing to note about OMK Partnership in 2017 is its collaboration with the crowd funding platform. The best projects will be eligible to be co-funded by the portal's donors. Initiatives that will help finance also include projects by last year's winners which will help them remain sustainable.

In 2017, OMK will be celebrating its 25-th anniversary while Vyksa Steel Works will begin its 261-st year. One of the possible areas for applications is intelligent metallurgy offering the design of high-tech educational programs in robotics and information technology. Environmental protection is another priority area for the competition given the Year of the Environment being celebrated in Russia.

“In 2015, OMK started developing systemic social projects. And the fact that the third OMK Partnership Competition is being launched today is proof that the selected approach is effective. We came away with sustainable social initiatives which help develop the areas where we do business and raise additional funding from various sources. This partnership involving the Government, businesses, communities, and volunteer employees is the solution to many social problems and helps raise the standard of living for people”, noted AO OMK Deputy Chair Natalya Eremina.

Background on Competition

The United Metallurgical Company has been holding OMK Partnership Competitions since 2015. They are designed to promote cooperation between the Government, private business, and the public while resolving social issues in the various regions.

In 2016, the Competition received 256 applications: 76 projects from OMK employees and 180 from non-profits in every region where Company facilities operate. A panel of judges decided that 59 projects would receive funding: 35 from non-profits and 24 from employees. OMK spent RUB 9.3 million to implement them in 2016.

In 2016, an agreement was signed with the Perspektiva Foundation in Support of Civic Activity in Small Towns and Rural Areas which manages Presidential grants. Four of the projects named winners of the OMK Partnership Competition were awarded Presidential grants totaling RUB 5.5 million. Over RUB 900,000 was co-funded by the Company’s business associates. The total amount co-funded for the beneficiaries is about RUB 6 million.

The OMK Partnership Competition was recognized by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bashkortostan as a “model for systemic charity” and also won the category nomination for the Best Program promoting the development of an infrastructure for non-profits, charities, and volunteerism in areas of operations of the Leaders of Corporate Charity Project held annually by the Donor Forum, PwC, and the Vedomosti Business Daily. Thanks to the OMK Partnership Competition, OMK was awarded the Good Citizenship Prize by Russia’s Civic Chamber in the Socially Responsible Business category.

In 2016, OMK's efforts in developing corporate volunteer work were recognized more than once with various awards. These include a 2016 Russian Volunteer of the Year public recognition badge in the category for Socially Responsible Business Partners for Volunteer Initiatives, the second place in the Champions of Charity National Competition of Corporate Volunteer Projects in the category for contributors to the cause of corporate volunteer work.  The Company was recognized for progress in systemic charity and engagement with local authorities, non-profit employees, and local residents in the areas of operation in working towards sustainable development goals.

Examples of 2016 OMK Partnership Winner Projects

First Look at Krasnaya Gorka Sports and Culture Fest (Town of Chusovoy, Perm Territory)
A national water ski Jumping competition was also held in Chusovoy at the same time as the Summer Olympics. The fest was recognized at the national level and awarded a Presidential grant of RUB 1.5 million. It also won the Best Tourist Event Related to Sports category of the 2016 Russian Event National Event Tourism Awards. With OMK's support the fest was included in the official 2017 calendar of the Territory's celebrations and festivals

Step Forward (Vyksa, Nizhniy Novgorod Region)
The Zabota Center for the Protection of Families, Mother, and Child proposed a program of employment counseling and re-training for women facing the need to look for a job or open a business. A Presidential grant of RUB 1 million was awarded to help establish the 5 Steps to Success training facility that is part of the project.

Make Your Dream Happen Innovative and Creative Techno Fest (Town of Blagoveshchensk, Republic of Bashkortostan)
The fest was organized by employees with the Blagoveshchensk Center for Young Engineers as part of the Mechanical Worlds Project. Attendees included about 70 students from ordinary secondary schools, technoparks, young inventors’ interest groups and clubs, creative centers. Youngsters from all over the Republic tried their hand at a Combined Model Car Event, My Dream Robot, and a Combined Model Airplane Event.

You Choose Life! (Township of Novosineglazovsky, Chelyabinsk Region)
The Iskorka Chelyabinsk city-wide public movement to aid pediatric cancer patients submitted a project to prevent cancer. Thanks to the project, the township's residents attended information sessions and free consultations with oncologists. Iskorka’s initiative received support at the national level in the form of a Presidential grant of RUB 2 million to implement a cancer prevention project in small towns in the Chelyabinsk Region.

Quick Wit Boot Camp (Almetyevsk, Republic of Tatarstan)
The Social Aid to Families Independent Non-Profit in conjunction with the Quick Wit Boot Camp Public Association completed a project that became a way aesthetically to educate and to instruct adolescents and young people and to arrange for them to spend their free time productively.   While in training, they learned cohesion, discipline, responsibility, experienced group emotions while playing a contest of wits game. The amount of funding for the project was RUB 100,000. The initiative is to be expanded in 2017.

OMK Employee Volunteer Projects

Down the Well-Traveled Chusovaya (Town of Chusovoy, Perm Territory)
Chusovoy Metallurgical Works public relations specialist Oxana Trapeznikova ran a project to develop ecotourism. Floats down the Chusovaya were organized, including some for handicapped children. The project was continued and named winner of the Start Your Own Business Competition for Social Initiatives.

Book First Aid (Vyksa, Nizhniy Novgorod Region)
Yulia Andriyanova, a personal assistant at Vyksa Steel Works, initiated the creation of a mobile library and a series of literary and educational events for children that are patients at the Vyksa Central District Hospital. In addition, the project’s volunteers participated in the #GivingTuesday international charity day: the Young Metallurgist Council, employees at the Central Facility Lab, VSW-Techno, Metallinvestbank, and residents who care helped collect 150 books and some board games.

Cozy and Warm (Township of Novosineglazovsky, Chelyabinsk Region)
Trubodetal Sales Support Specialist Ekaterina Yadryshnikova authored a project back in 2015 and continues to pursue it still. Volunteer employees create items of cozy home decor and hold master classes in handicrafts. Some of the proceeds from the sale of every item are spent on charitable aid.

Varicolored Childhood (Blagoveshchensk, Republic of Bashkortostan)
Ekaterina Kuleshova, an active volunteer at the Blagoveshchensk Valve Plant, became one of the authors of a project that is conducive to the physical, spiritual, and moral development of handicapped children who are members of the Blagoveshchensk Handicapped Society. With the assistance of the Family BOOM Family Center, several festive events were organized for the children, and a playground was built.

Drozdovsky Forest Environmental Event (Moscow)
Attorney Alexander Domoratsky from OMK's Moscow Office organized a volunteer environmental weekend work detail in the Drozdovsky Forest. OMK volunteers together with hiking enthusiasts cleaned up a clearing, removed the trash, and helped cut up and remove toppled trees. The drive was supported by a total of 15 volunteers.