KAMAZ-Master Team Wins Dakar Rally on OMK Springs

The United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) delivered improved springs for the sports trucks from the Kama Automotive Plant that the KAMAZ-Master crew used to win the international Dakar-2020 Rally. The springs were manufactured at the Chusovoy Metallurgical Works (AO ChMW, Perm Territory, an OMK subsidiary).

The series of ChMW springs for the KAMAZ-Master Team are notable for their special design and high manufacturing precision required for the sports vehicles' operating conditions. The ChMW springs assure that the vehicle handles irregularities more smoothly, soften shocks when traversing difficult sections of a track which helps the crew reduce their times en route.

Every year, specialists with the ChMW engineering and technology center introduce some 10 types of springs for sports trucks.

"Making the custom order of the KAMAZ-Master Team happen requires the effort of dozens of employees. The crews' wins are evidence of the high quality and reliability of ChMW's springs that have long been a household name for domestic vehicle manufacturers", noted AO ChMW Managing Director Vladimir Kirzner.


The KAMAZ-Master Team was founded in 1988. It has been using springs from the Chusovoy Metallurgical Works since that time. The team's crews have won the Dakar Rally 17 times. Sports trucks from the Kama Automotive Plant are recognized leaders of the global motor sports in the truck category.

The Dakar Rally was hosted in Saudi Arabia between January 5 and 17. The route was over 7,500 km long.