OMK Increases Output of High-Pressure Valves 7-Fold

The Blagoveshchensk Valve Plant (AO BAZ, a United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK) subsidiary) has significantly increased production of high-pressure and large-diameter pipeline valves. This has been done as part of a strategy to expand BAZ' product offering.

The facility quickly ramped up production of high-pressure and large-diameter valves in response to rising demand for these products on the part of Russian energy companies that previously tended to work with imports. The product range was expanded several-fold. In particular, BAZ developed and acquired the manufacturing capability for over 40 types of high-pressure valves. At the same time, the roll-out times for products were reduced, and a number of unprecedented orders filled.

In 2018, the amount of such pipeline valves produced was just over 70 tons. In 2019, it grew more than seven-fold and stood at 510 tons. The maximum weight of a high-pressure valve was 2 tons which is twice as large as in 2017. In 2020, BAZ plans to make valves weighing up to 5 tons each.

"BAZ quickly responds to the needs of the domestic energy sector for high-pressure and large-diameter pipeline valves and is acquiring the capability for new import substitution items. This approach demonstrates BAZ' growing preparedness to meet our customer's oil production, refining and transportation needs", commented Blagoveshchensk Valve Plant Managing Director Andrei Eliseyev.