OMK is Among RUIE Sustainable Development Index Leaders

The United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) was recognized as a leader by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE) in the indices for responsibility and transparency and sustainable development based on an evaluation of the Company's 2019 public reports.

The responsibility and transparency index reflects the quality and the completeness of corporate disclosures in matters of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The sustainable development index assesses the Company's effectiveness and efficiency dynamic in this area. RUIE included a total of 34 and 30 Russian companies, respectively, in these two indices.

The OMK Corporate Social Responsibility Policy enacted in 2017 documents the Company's objectives in its relationship with society at large and with respect to CSR. These objectives take into consideration the interests of employees, customers, government authorities, and residents in areas that host OMK facilities. Responsible practices apply to all the Company facilities and corporate processes.

"Attaining sustainable development objectives is a strategic business priority for many companies in Russia, including OMK. We would like to offer our sincerest thanks to the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs for this recognition. In 2020, we have something even more interesting planned in the area of corporate social responsibility", commented OMK Governance Board Chair Natalya Eremina.


The United Metallurgical Company follows the principles of corporate social responsibility and global sustainable development objectives to address issues of importance for contemporary society. It helps improve the quality of life in and promotes the social and economic development of the geographical areas that host its facilities and are home to their employees and families as well as several hundred thousand more people. It consistently implements the selected sustainable development strategy in a dialog with stakeholders and based on global best practices.