OMK ERW Casing Included in PAO Gazprom Product Registry

Electrically resistance-welded casing with premium gas-tight connections made by Vyksa Steel Works (AO VSW, a United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) subsidiary) and casing resistant to low temperatures were successfully tested at OOO GazpromVNIIGAZ.

The outcomes of the testing were approved by the PAO Gazprom standing commission for new products, and OMK casing was entered into the registry of tubular products certified for delivery to Gazprom installations. This enables VSW to take part in tenders for this product to be delivered to PAO Gazprom's gas producing wells.

Previously, Vyksa Steel Works proved itself to be a reliable supplier of casing for oil production. The testing completed proved that VSW's electrically welded casing and gas-tight threaded connections were of high quality, reliable, and effective to use at PAO Gazprom gas production sites, including sites performing difficult drilling. Voluntary certification of these products in the INTERGAZCERT system is planned as a next step.

"OMK is proceeding with an investment program at Vyksa Steel Works to expand casing production and to acquire new capabilities to make world-class products in line with the long-term oil and gas company objectives. VSW electrically resistance-welded casing has long proven itself for quality. Now that these tubulars are listed in the registry of products certified for use at Gazprom installations, this is additional evidence that they are highest quality", commented VSW Managing Director Alexander Barykov.


In December 2019, a site meeting was held at Vyksa Steel Works between OMK and Gazprom representatives to discuss a draft research and development collaboration program for 2020 through 2024 and to certify new VSW products for oil and gas installations. Casing with premium gas-tight connections is used for extremely difficult drilling, including the drilling of inclined and horizontal shafts into oil and gas fields with high dogleg severity.