OMK received two RUIE awards for sustainable development and social responsibility

The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs has included the United Metallurgical Company (AO OMK, Moscow) among the leaders of the Russian business community for sustainable development, corporate responsibility, and reporting.

Based on 2016 results, OMK was listed among the best for Responsibility and Openness and for Course for Sustainability. The RUIE survey includes the top 100 companies from the RAEX-600 (Expert) and the RBC-500 listings and considers a collection of factors established based on recommendations from non-financial reporting systems, business associations, stock exchanges, and other factors. Aspects that major companies are most willing to include into their corporate social status reports were also addressed.

“We find it important for a company to demonstrate high performance in environmental protection, to have a positive effect on local communities, to guarantee proper safeguards for its employees’ rights in addition to being successful commercially. In our activities, we strive for compliance with international social responsibility standards and always keep our lines of communication to stakeholders open for constructive exchanges.  The fact that OMK has been included in prestigious sustainable development indices is recognition that we are properly pursuing the selected corporate strategy”, noted OMK Deputy Chair Natalya Eremina.

OMK was also awarded a prize in a competition sponsored by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE) and called “Russian Business Leaders: Trends and Responsibility in 2016”.  OMK was named third in the category for companies that support and develop social business initiatives.

RUIE gave OMK high grades for the social program it ran in the Perm Territory in 2016. In conjunction with the Our Future Foundation for Regional Social Programs, the Perm Territory Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Perm Business Development Foundation, the Company held business planning training sessions, the Start Your Own Business competition of social business initiatives, a fair of social ideas, and an acceleration program to support winners of the competition in Chusovoy where the Chusovoy Metallurgical Works (AO CMW, an OMK company) operates.

The OMK initiative is designed to identify business ideas that improve the quality of life in Chusovoy and create new jobs. The competition received 36 applications of which 20 were named winners. The amount available to be distributed as grants in the Start Your Own Business competition is RUB 1.85 million. The total project budget was RUB 3 million.

The program of social business initiatives implemented in Chusovoy gave the residents a unique opportunity to learn new technologies, announce their projects designed to address the town residents’ urgent social problems, obtain financial and media support, and implement such projects. The Company is prepared to extend this practice to the other areas where it does business.


RUIE indices are company assessment and self-assessment tools that help gage performance in the areas of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. The Openness and Responsibility Index is a tool to assess corporate disclosure. It is used as basis for the sample for another index, Course for Sustainability, which reflects the dynamic of actual results in corporate disclosures.

The indices are compiled based on corporate self-assessment as per ISO 26000 and the technique of having the public countersign non-financial statements as well as the basic principles developed by the Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings (GISR).

The indices are based on an analysis of quantifiable information.  The data that is analyzed comes from public-domain sales reports of Russia’s largest corporations, i. e. those with the largest social and economic footprint.

Leaders of the 2016 Openness and Responsibility Index (listed alphabetically): Aeroflot, Bashneft, EuroChem, Gazprom, Inter RAO, LUKOIL, Metalloinvest, MISW, Nizhnekamskneftechem, NLMK, Novatech, Norilsk Nickel, OMK, Russian Railways, Rosatom, Rosneft, Rostelecom, RusHydro, Sakhalin Energy, Severstal, AFK Sistema, SUEK, Tatneft, Uralkali, FosAgro.

Leaders of the 2016 Course for Sustainability Index (listed alphabetically): EuroChem, Gazprom, Inter RAO, LUKOIL, Metalloinvest, MISW, Nizhnekamskneftechem, NLMK, Norilsk Nickel, OMK, Russian Railways, Rosatom, Rosneft, Rostelecom, RusHydro, Sakhalin Energy, Severstal, AFK Sistema, SUEK, Tatneft, Uralkali, FosAgro.

Based on the outcomes of 2015 research, RUIE included OMK in the Course for Sustainability Index.

In 2016, the United Metallurgical Company was named winner of the  national RUIE 2015 “Russian Business Leaders: Trends and Responsibility” competition in the Best Import Substitution Project category. The results of OMK's 15-year long effort to implement a large-scale import substitution project were recognized with a prestigious award. Thanks to the Company, Central Russia, Vyksa Steel Works to be more specific (AO VSW, Nizhniy Novgorod Region, an OMK Subsidiary), is currently home to one of the world's most advanced facilities to manufacture large-diameter pipes of any level of complexity. OMK investment into projects to expand steel, rolled stock, and pipe production in Vyksa amounted to RUB 125 billion and provides work for 15,000 employees.

OMK has been developing social business initiatives in Chusovoy, Perm Territory, since 2016 and is planning to extend them to Blagoveshchensk (Republic of Bashkortostan) in 2017. A program was developed to support potential social business people which included an educational component (training sessions in social business venturing), the Start Your Own Business competition for grants, a fair of social ideas, an acceleration program to support competition winners, and an inter-regional social venture conference.

It is at least as important that the Start Your Own Business contest provides a forum for the Chusovoy residents to talk and work together in their common desire to improve the quality of life in the region. The Chusovoy social business initiative program helped create new locations where people could spend their free time: social time clubs, a bicycle club, a Montessori children’s center, the Unoccupied Sandbox recreation and leisure area for young mothers and children, a gym for the older residents of the Township of Sioly, smart exercise machines for older people.

Examples of successful practices also include social business initiatives like Recycle Your Plastics to create a polymer collection and recycling system. The Nadezhda Roller Skating Rink is in operation and open to both children and adults, and the Ecotourism without Borders project was launched organizing floating trips down the Chusovaya, young Chusovoy residents are learning mental arithmetic at the Alph@ math club. The first clients of a cleaning service received assistance in cleaning their apartments. The venture has been offering its services to retirees, veterans, low-income families and families with many children that are on the social protection and the CMW Veteran’s Council lists. The first ever pet hotel called Other Home opened in Chusovoy.